Gone are the days when having a poor credit history prevented you from taking out a mortgage, remortgage or getting a loan.

A good independent broker specialising in loans and mortgages for people with bad credit rating can help people in these situations as they have access to the full range of lenders in the UK and will know the market intimately. 

They'll know what products and which lenders will be able to provide you with a bad credit mortgage and by using their services you can be sure you're not missing out on the best deals available to you.

Until fairly recently, people with a history of poor credit were too great a risk for the mainstream lenders, who didn�t stray from their well-trodden path of lending to Mr and Mrs Average with solid jobs and a sound credit history.

How things change. The last decade or so has seen a flourishing sub-prime market, specifically introduced to meet the needs of people with less than perfect credit records. 

Help is now readily available for people who don't quite fit into the borrowing requirements of a traditional High Street bank or building society as there are a panel of specialist lenders offering poor credit mortgage solutions. 

People suffer from credit problems for any number of reasons relating to their past or present financial circumstances, and often through no fault of their own. Help is available for.....

People with a poor credit rating due to past problems repaying a mortgage, credit card, loan or other finance.

Ex bankrupts who are now discharged.

People who suffer from a low credit score due to divorce, redundancy or long term sickness

Self employed and people with variable income. Part-time and temporary workers.

People with CCJs as a result of failing to pay a bill or repay previous credit agreements.

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